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As the teaching profession undergoes constant changes due to technological advancements, internationalization of curriculums, and the introduction of new teaching methodologies, teaching professionals face the challenge of keeping up with these developments.

A teacher with 20 years of teaching experience has received their formal education between 20 and 25 years ago, and may not have been exposed to many of the technological advancements and teaching methodologies that are commonplace today.

For instance, when our hypothetical teacher was receiving their pedagogical formation in the late 1990s, floppy disks were the preferred method of storage, cassette players were the only available audio aids, and text messaging was only just invented. Google had not yet been created, and social media and streaming services were still a distant dream. Contrast this with the modern classroom, where students may be using digital textbooks, educational software, and chatbots like ChatGPT-4 to assist them with their homework. The discrepancy between the skills and knowledge of a teacher who was trained several decades ago and the current state of education underscores the need for ongoing professional development and counselling programs for teaching professionals.

All this places a lot of stress on teaching professionals who, aside from performing their teaching and other possible administrative tasks, need to improve their qualifications and competences. This is where we step in with our teacher counselling programs to help teaching professionals keep up with the changes, restore their self-confidence and perform their profession with the same passion they initially had. 


Our teacher counseling programs include a personalized mentoring scheme for each teaching professional, which may consist of the following:


  • Mapping out relevant qualification programs: We help teaching professionals identify the relevant qualifications they need to enhance their teaching practices and advance their careers. This may involve mapping out the various professional development opportunities available to them.
  • Advising on online/onsite courses and workshops: We provide teaching professionals with guidance on relevant online and onsite courses and workshops that can help them develop their skills and enhance their teaching practices. We also refer them to professional literature and other resources that may be helpful.
  • Referring teaching professionals to relevant education conferences and seminars: We help teaching professionals identify relevant education conferences, seminars, and other professional development events that can help them stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field. We also connect them with professional development networks and other teaching professionals who share their interests.
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In addition, we help teaching professionals with their applications for


  • New professional certifications: We assist teaching professionals in identifying relevant certifications for their field and career goals and provide guidance on the application process, including documentation requirements and submission deadlines.
  • International qualification programs: We help teaching professionals explore and apply to international qualification programs that align with their career aspirations and provide information on program options, entry requirements, and application procedures.
  • Teacher exchange programs: We provide information and guidance on teacher exchange programs that offer opportunities for teaching professionals to gain new perspectives and experiences abroad.
  • Teacher re-education programs: We assist teaching professionals who are seeking to broaden their knowledge and skills in new areas of education or to update their qualifications to meet changing standards. We provide information on relevant re-education programs, including requirements and application procedures.
  • Foreign language education abroad: We help teaching professionals interested in learning a new language or improving their language skills by providing guidance on suitable language programs abroad.
  • Job applications abroad: We support teaching professionals in exploring job opportunities in other countries by providing information on the job market, visa requirements, and application procedures.

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We create personalized mentoring schemes unique for each and every teaching professional. If you are a teaching professional looking for support in your professional development, please get in touch with us to learn more about our counselling programs. Let's have a chat!