International Mobility

We consider international mobility to be a vital component of modern education. Governments, international organizations, NGOs, and educational institutions worldwide have launched regional or global initiatives to encourage internationalization of education through international mobility. Scholarships and support services are also available to ensure equal access to international mobility opportunities. However, the competition to secure these opportunities is increasing rapidly.

We firmly believe in the positive impact of international mobility on a better world. Therefore, we offer our support to students and families, schools, and teaching professionals who are seeking opportunities for international mobility.  


If you are a student or a family looking to send your child abroad for their high school education or seeking an international undergraduate degree, we can provide expert advice on how to put together a strong application package, apply for scholarships, and secure a place at prestigious schools. Through our partnerships with a broad network of educational institutions globally, we can connect you with the right resources and opportunities to achieve your academic goals. Please check our students and families page for more detailed information. 


International mobility is also crucial for schools today. Many schools are planning to offer international curriculums, hire more international staff, or establish international relationships with other schools or universities globally. Our coaching services, based on best practices in internationalization strategies applied at western educational institutions, can be of great benefit to schools. Please visit our schools page for more detailed information on our international mobility support services for educational institutions.

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Teaching professionals who wish to enhance their qualifications with the help of international mobility or seek job opportunities globally can take advantage of our teacher counseling programs. We offer professional guidance and advice on how to navigate the complex process of international mobility. Please go to our professionals page for more detailed information.

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